Attract Customers Consistently With A Proven Marketing System

Had enough of relying on pot-luck to grow your business?
I can help you make lead generation easy with digital marketing

Struggling To Attract New Clients?


Feel like you're constantly posting on social media, but getting nowhere?


Spending money on advertising with no idea of its effectiveness?


Worried that a few 'off months' will cause a financial disaster?


Referral marketing not allowing you to grow quickly enough?


Ready to scale-up, but have no idea where to begin?


Want to spend less time on marketing and more on making sales?

What a marketing campaign will do for your business

Boost brand awareness

With thousands of eye-balls looking at your marketing campaign, you’ll naturally achieve higher awareness levels

Increase inbound leads

With an abundance of leads coming into your business, you’ll be able to pick and choose who you work with

Increase sales

With a clear & compelling offer, you’ll start converting more sales and making more profit

about me

My name is Grant Finlay and I’m an experienced marketing consultant based in Glasgow.

I help businesses in Glasgow to achieve their full potential by creating marketing campaigns that work.

From helping small independents to crafting messages for million pound businesses to closing 6-figure deals for agencies, I’ve seen it all.

If you would like to apply my expertise to your business, just click here and send me a message about what you would like to achieve.

How I achieve results

I’ve developed a programme of customer acquisition that gets extraordinary results within a short time span (90 days)

define your offer

Together, we’ll craft a compelling offer that will get your perfect customers taking action

Create your assets

I’ll create branded assets - such as a website, photography and videos that build trust with your audience

Increase visibility

By using a combination of SEO and Facebook advertising, I’ll make sure you get in front of the right people!

Is my digital marketing service for you?

If you run a business that positively impacts your customers’ lives, then I would love to help you to grow.

Just hit the button below and we’ll organise a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit.