Lead Generation for Growing Glasgow businesses

Get enough quality leads so that you never need to worry about running out of sales opportunities

The engine for all business growth is quality leads!

No business can survive without a regular source of enquiries. It’s my job to get them to you using world-class digital marketing

Receive More Enquries

Turn your lead generation on and off like a tap – you’re in complete control

Increase Your Sales

With an abundance of enquiries, you’ll have ample opportunities to make more sales

Plan Your Business Expansion

With a more consistent lead source, you can better plan your business growth

It’s time to start making a bigger impact

If you’ve had enough of refreshing your inbox only to see SPAM and the odd “hello” from Mum, then you need to start looking elsewhere for your enquiries. I do all of the hard work for you. Just follow up with the leads I send you!

Deserved Massage

We delivered over 1,500 quality massage therapy leads to Deserved Massage in the space of just 3 months which helped launch the business from nothing to the highest rated in Glasgow

Aesthetic Cosmetics

In just 3 weeks, we generated over 130 cosmetic leads resulting in thousands of pounds in sales

Dockyard Social

We sold over 4,000 tickets for the launch event for Dockyard Social and continued this success for follow-up events 

Happy Voices

We’ve generated over 300 singing tuition clients for this singing school in Glasgow

Why Choose Finlay Marketing?

Our approach to digital marketing is revolutionary; instead of focusing on traditional methods that don’t help our clients grow, we stick to the most important thing – generating sales opportunities.

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For most businesses, their marketing strategy is little more than a vanity project.

They spend small fortunes on a website that deliver little to no results.

They boost their Facebook posts hoping to get more ‘likes and shares.

They pay for expensive radio adverts that deliver little but a smile to taxi drivers.

¬†Instead of focusing on intangible, airy fairy designer’s wet dreams, we focus on generating¬†leads.

Why do we do this? To say it bluntly…

Leads are what pay for your employees wages.

Leads are what pay for your holidays.

Leads are actually what make you happy.

3 Simple Steps To Growing Your Business

Request A Consultation

We’ll review your sales process and give you recommendations for handling the extra leads

Choose # of Leads

We start your campaign by attracting, nurturing and converting your target market into qualified leads

Make More Sales!

The leads follow through your sales funnel and buy your service