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Amplify Your Marketing Results With Video

Video Production Glasgow

With a compelling video ad, you’ll multiply customers engagement levels & drive more sales

What’s your business struggling with?


Do your customers find it difficult to understand what it is you do?


Feel like your advertisements are a waste of time & money?


Need a way to demonstrate that you offer a premium quality service?


Want to attract more quality leads to your business?


Can't get potential customers to pay attention to your sales messages?


Had enough of tyre-kicking customers that don't lead anywhere?

What a well produced video will do for your business

Built trust

By watching your video, potential customers will learn about what makes you different

Attract enquiries

Online video advertisements have proven to be multiple times more effective at generating leads

Drive sales

With a greater pool of prospects who know, like & trust you, you’ll enjoy more sales opportunities!

How we get results

We follow a simple 3-step process

Write your script

We start with an attention grabbing concept and turn it into an engaging script

Produce your video

We shoot each of the scenes until we’re delighted with the footage

Polish it up

The magic happens in the editing room where we bring all of the cuts together and polish it up!

What makes our video production service unique?

We’re Led By Sales Not Art

Most video production companies are focused on creating award-worthy advertisements. The problem is, when you’re all about worthless statues for your mantlepiece, you forget about the thing that actually matters… SALES … also known as the whole reason for the video in the first place! That’s a major problem and it’s causing businesses to waste thousands of pounds, not just on their videos, but also on their ad spend too.

Our centre-focus is on helping you business drive growth. The whole reason why we’re able to do this cool job of making videos is because the way we do it makes people want to buy.

The million pound question: would you rather

A) A video that is artistically beautiful that you could show to relatives , or ,

B) A video that engages with your target market and excites them to take action?

I’m sure you don’t need to use a life-line to answer that one!

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We’re Not Just Camera Operators, We’re Storytellers

There’s so much more that goes into creating a good advertisement than pointing a camera at your business or your product or even a celebrity!

We humans (you and I) are drawn to well-told stories. Why do you think Netflix blew up so quickly?

By creating your advertisement in the form of a carefully written story, naturally, your audience will react better and remember what your message was about. 

Hint: it’s usually “buy this thing”

Frequently asked questions

Here’s a few commonly asked questions about video production…

How much does video production cost?

We’d love to give you a figure and just stay that is that. However, we’d be doing us both an injustice. The truth is if we gave everyone the same price, then some people who need a higher production value would suffer because of the need to hit this number. Not only that, people who just need a smaller project completed wouldn’t be happy with a higher cost. For that reason, we price all our jobs based on your needs.

How long should the video be?

Isn’t it crazy that you can sit through a 3 hour film and not notice the time flying by? Yet, some films will be an hour and you’ll be bored to tears? Well, adverts are kind of like that too, only shorter.

The goal of our videos are to communicate a clear message that your target market will understand and take action from. That message could be less than 60 seconds, it could be a half hour!

Point is, the video length isn’t as important as most people make it out to be.

Unlike the old days of television when you had to pay for every second of advertising space, with social media you pay per impression. That means having a longer video won’t cost you extra. And, if your target market continue to watch it resulting in more purchases, then it makes sense.

With that being said, we’ll make every effort to keep your video as concise as possible to keep within your production budget.

What online channel do you shoot the ads for?

Our work primarily involves the creation of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube based videos. However, if you’ve got something else in mind, we’re all ears!

We need a video, but we're not sure what it should be about. Can you help?

Answer: All my SEO audits are put together in layman’s terms- meaning that you should be able to understand and implement my advice right away.