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Struggling To Attract New Clients?


Feel like you're constantly posting on social media, but getting nowhere?


Spending money on advertising with no idea of its effectiveness?


Worried that a few 'off months' will cause a financial disaster?


Referral marketing not allowing you to grow quickly enough?


Ready to scale-up, but have no idea where to begin?


Want to spend less time on marketing and more on making sales?

about me

My name is Grant Finlay and I’ve been working in the marketing industry for the last 5 years.

I’ve seen just about every angle. From helping small independents to crafting messages for million pound businesses and pitching 6-figure deals for agencies.

I’ve turned new-starts into lead generation machines and re-vitalised 30 year old businesses that were falling behind.

From all of this experience, it’s become increasingly clear to me that the same, repeatable system works in every market.

It’s my job to help businesses in Glasgow to reach their full potential by clarifying their messaging and helping them reach out to the right people using digital marketing.

Work With Grant

If you’re a business owner looking for a way to attract more customers using digital marketing, then I can help you.

I’ll put together and implement a marketing plan that will result in a substantial increase in your lead generation, giving you more opportunities to make sales.

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How do I achieve these impressive results?

I’ve developed a simple method of client acquisition system that can be applied to any business in Glasgow and result in a significant increase in new opportunities.¬†

How do I do it? My system consists of 3 core areas:

1. get Clear on your offer

By far, the most overlooked component in all marketing is the need to develop a clear, compelling offer. Only once you’re able to express the transformation that you provide, your audience begin to listen.

2. Develop your branded assets

By tuning into the values and drives of your audience, I’ll create branded assets such as a website, photography and videos that drive people to action.

3. Drive traffic

Even the most compelling pitch in the world will fall flat on its face if there’s no-one looking at it. By using a combination of search engine optimisation and Facebook advertising, I make sure you get noticed!

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