1st Class Upholstery were relying solely on referrals to generate new business. The frequency of these was low and it was not predictable when they would arrive making growth difficult to plan.

Lynda Henderson, got in touch with me to help her build a consistent source of qualified leads.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Ideally, the strategy used needed to be in a sort of ‘set it and forget it’ style where very little monitoring would be required.

As such, I chose to build a website and rank it on Google for popular terms.

Website Design

Upholstery Business in Glasgow Inundated With New Enquiries 1

A premium website design was created that showcased the high standards that 1st Class Upholstery represented and their passion for restoration.

Search Engine Optimisation

Through a continuous process of writing strong on-page content that resonated with the target market and a quality backlink profile, the website’s trust rating on Google grew.


Through our help, we were able to 10X the number of monthly enquiries resulting in a huge, consistent increase in sales and more antique pieces of furniture being restored in Glasgow.

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