1st Class Upholstery was relying solely on referrals to generate new business. The frequency of these was low and it was not predictable when they would arrive making growth difficult to plan.

Through our help, we were able to 10X the number of monthly enquiries resulting in a huge, consistent increase in sales and more antique pieces of furniture being restored in Glasgow.

Story Development

The Character

People who place great value on the furniture in their home. They feel nostalgic about their items and will go to great lengths to make sure they are well cared for.

These people are well-settled, sophisticated buyers who have a sizeable enough income that price is no object if a sterling job can be done.

They do not buy mass produced furniture. They own beautiful antiques that add compliments their home. It must be preserved.

The Problem

They have recently become aware of damage or wear to their furniture and are have become dissatisfied. Their furniture is no fit for purpose, they cannot use it as they are wary that further damage may occur. They cannot show it to friends as it is unsightly. And, they cannot give it away because it carries too much emotional and financial value.

On an emotional level, the furniture carries a story and is a part of their home; it’s another member of the family. It would be a regret to get rid of something which is full of stories/character.

On a philosophical level, they believe that owning antique furniture makes you classier and more sophisticated, a trait that they admire.

The Guide They Need

For potential clients to feel comfortable with someone to work on their furniture, they need to feel like the person working on it will have a similar appreciation of antique items.

Above that they need to be assured that the technician has plenty of experience and reviews to ensure they can trust them.

The Solution They Need

In order to make a buying decision, prospective clients need to be educated on precisely what is wrong with their item.

They also need to receive a quotation so that they can evaluate the pain of losing the item with the cost of repairing it.

They need to be made aware of the turnaround time for restoring the piece so they can plan their room.

Lastly, they need to feel like they and their furniture will be treated with respect upon pick-up and delivery.

Perceived Success

Furniture restoration clients feel like they are successful when:

  • They receive positive compliments about their home
  • They are self-aware of their joy in using their furniture
  • Their furniture fits with the way they want their home to look

Perceived Failure

If they go to another restoration supplier (or don’t restore at all), they may suffer because:

  • They feel ripped off with the price they pay
  • The furniture comes back worse than the way they sent it
  • Their problem cannot be fixed because of a lack of expertise

Packaging The Story

Other than the name of the business, 1st Class Upholstery, we had a clean sheet to work with in this project.

Brand Identity

We decided to go for a simple, yet sophisticated, colour scheme consisting of a dark emerald green for main sections and a pale green-blue as a call to action.


For the logo, we wanted to visually demonstrate exactly what the business does and also the prestige associated with working with a 1st class provider.

Reaching The Audience

We selected organic search traffic because:

  • There was a high volume of searches for relevant terms such as ‘upholstery Glasgow’
  • The target market demographic was less likely to use social media
  • Active search will have a higher buying intent than other channels
  • The search competition was fairly low

Googling ‘upholstery Glasgow’, you’ll notice that 1st Class Upholstery ranks very highly for this term.

Additionally, a number of other broad and long-tail search terms were used to build up a significant volume of inbound traffic every month.

Communicating The Message

The Website

Following a successful conversion from clicking on a Google listing, the website needs to encourage the user to:

  • Buy into the story
  • Request a quotation

We used a stylish, yet simple website design to achieve this and the website typically converts between 15-20%.

Project Result

  • A moving story that pulls people in
  • A consistent source of enquiries
  • A thriving furniture repair business

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