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About Me

My name is Grant Finlay and I’m an experienced digital marketer based in Glasgow.

From helping small independents to crafting messages for multi-million pound businesses to closing 6-figure deals for agencies, I’ve been part of every element of the marketing spectrum.

Not only have I run campaigns for clients, I’ve used the exact same methods to start and grow my own businesses from scratch to become reputable brands.

While driving business growth is exciting, what really drives me is the impact that a successful campaign can have on the customers who buy the services I help promote.

I believe that when the there is a gap in the market that needs filled and you as a business owner have that solution, it’s your duty to deliver it and, when you do, it can fundamentally change the end-user’s life.

If you have a product or service that delivers overwhelming value to your customers, then I’d love to help you scale it up and change more lives too.

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