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Deserved Massage opened their doors in Glasgow aiming to help people beat muscular pain with tailored massage treatments.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of visibility from passers-by and bookings were on the low-side, reducing the effectiveness of the business.

Today, we’re going to share with you how we transformed Deserved Massage into a memorable brand that attracts thousands of clients to the studio, helping them feel at their best.

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The Framework

Before we jump into the Deserved Massage story, we just wanted to say that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; the framework we’re about to show you works in all industries from healthcare to furniture repair.

It’s called ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and it’s been used in just about every major Hollywood film for the past 100 years.

We can break it down into 7 key steps which you’ll soon see in context with Deserved Massage.

Here they are for a quick reference:

  1. Establishing the hero
  2. Uncovering their problem
  3. Finding a mentor to give them advice
  4. Giving protagonist a simple plan to follow
  5. Encourage them to take action
  6. Present the risks if they fail
  7. Imagine victory

By following these simple steps when creating your communications you’ll start telling powerful stories too!

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how we were able to attract all those bookings…

Mapping The Story

The Hero

First of all, we needed to define exactly who we were going to target by choosing our hero. Who is it that actually needs help?

Most people, when they think of massage therapy, will jump to the conclusion that massage is just a one-off treat.

We wanted to avoid these types of people as they would be less likely to become regular clients.

Instead, we focused on a character that needs their body to be at its best all the time. A hard-working mum who isn’t ready to let having kids get in the way of her career ambitions.

She throws everything she’s got at the world. Relishing in its challenges. She trains hard at the gym, she works at a high pressured job and does her best to stay in a fun, energetic mood for her kids and her partner.

The Problem

Her body is gets tense because of all the stress she puts it through. Her back, neck and shoulders tighten up, restricting her movement and preventing her from giving doing her job properly.

Also, the stress she puts herself through causes her to feel anxious and she can’t think as clearly.

These problems have creeped up over time and she’s been aware of them for a good 6 months, but can’t find a solution that’s managed to get her back to her best.

She needs to re-gain her energy, get rid of back pain and get back her focus and needs help.

The Mentor

Introducing, Deserved Massage, a bespoke massage studio in the West End of Glasgow that helps people get rid of tension and get back to their best.

Unlike many other massage studios, they take the time to understand their clients problems and create treatments to solve them (and that consultation time doesn’t run into the massage time either).

Deserved Massage also strikes a careful balance of relaxing and pain relief with and comfortable, spacious and warm environment.

The massage therapists have years of experience in treating clients allowing them to achieve lasting results following each session.

The Plan

Once our hard-working lady approaches Deserved Massage with her problem, she is given a simple plan.

Step 1) Book in for a tailored massage treatment

Step 2) Attend the session

Step 3) Feel Fantastic!

Encourage Action

Throughout all communications, we repeatedly encourage people to book in for their massage treatment.

Warn About Failure

There are a number of possible negative outcomes for people who either don’t book in for a treatment at all or who go to a different provider:

  • Their massage therapist may be inexperienced and cause discomfort
  • The massage room may be uncomfortable or cold
  • The location may be difficult to get to
  • Their pain may continue to distract them from their goals
  • The stress may affect their relationships
  • They may be put off exercising and get out of shape

Showcase Success

If they decide to book a treatment with Deserved Massage, their life will look considerably better:

  • They feel focused and sharp at work
  • They are full of energy and eager to take on the world
  • They break their exercise records
  • Their relationships flourish

Reaching The Audience

Search engine Optimisation

We noticed that there was already a large number of searches on Google for massage related queries. This suggested that there was a consistent source of people who did not need convincing that they needed help.

Naturally, then it made most sense to tap into this audience by ranking the website highly on Google.

Facebook Ads

In the early stages of Deserved Massage’s launch, we were aware that we couldn’t rely on Google alone.

We ran a series of Facebook advertisements to build awareness and encourage bookings. These generated thousands of enquiries at a very low cost.

The Website

Many website designers build pretty website that have no hope of ranking on Google. Instead, we needed the best of both worlds; a beautiful website that converts and is well optimised.

Everything from the website structure to the copy was carefully managed and now the studio only needs this to be at capacity.

Project Result

  • Strong story that resonates with target market
  • Daily bookings for massage treatments
  • Busy massage studio with happy clients

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