I was approached by Barrington Reeves (Too Gallus) and Kyle Steel (Dockyard Social) to manage the digital marketing for the soon-to-be launched food market in the West End of Glasgow.


Digital Marketing Strategy

With less than 4 weeks to go till launch and only a handful of tickets sold, we needed to drive a huge amount of sales to the event.

To achieve this I decided to go for a combined PR x Facebook strategy.

Public Relations

Dockyard Social was billed as a social entity and therefore, newspapers were much more willing to promote the stories which we released.

Facebook Ad Management

By re-targeting the large droves of traffic coming from news websites, I was able to tap into a warm audience who were ready to buy.

To maintain the momentum, a series of competition based advertisements were released which raised further awareness of the venue.


The Dockyard Social became widely known throughout Glasgow.

The initial launch sold out (over 4,000 tickets)

Subsequent events remained popular due to the large following created.

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