Attract More Leads Online

Feel like you’re dumping money into Zuckerberg’s wallet with no return?
I can help you tap into a flow of hot leads by managing your Facebook adverts

What’s your business struggling with?


Are you posting on social media, but getting no results?


Is your business in need of more sales opportunities?


Do you need better results from your campaigns?


Does your business need a higher number of leads?


Are your adverts putting potential customers off?


Is your cost per lead too high to maintain?

What a Facebook ad campaign will do for you

Increase awareness

A well-executed ad campaign will capture your audience’s attention and get them tuned into your message

Attract Leads

You’ll attract hot leads that are primed and ready to buy into your offer

Drive Sales

With a consistent flow of people wanting to work with you, all you need to do is focus on delivering results!

Client results

Aesthetic Cosmetics

Aesthetics business



+ 200+ leads generated

+ Thousands in sales made

“About to start my 4th ad campaign with Grant. He is very hands on and attentive, incredibly knowledgable.”

- Nelly Clark

Reek Perfume

E-commerce Business



75+ Doubled sales from previous year

“I’ve worked with Grant for both my brand REEK and my freelance make up work. Highly recommend. He is patient, quick to deliver and very informative.”

- Molly Sheridan


Deserved Massage

Massage Therapy Business


+ Over 2,000 leads generated

+ Thousands in sales made

+ Hundreds of repeat bookings

How I get results

My 4-step Facebook strategy will get you results:

Create an awesome offer

The foundation of every great marketing campaign is a noteworthy offer.

Build Your Audience

By building up trust with your audience, it will make selling feel easy.

Escalate commitment

A simple value exchange with your audience to identify action takers

Target conversions

A non-salesly pitch that will have them eager to work with you

Why most Facebook Adverts fail

If you’ve ever been on Facebook then you’ll know that it’s now absolutely littered with adverts.

Behind each of those ads is someone controlling them. Unfortunately though, most of them never make any money.

There are three reasons they fail:

1) They don’t define a specific audience who they’re targeting 👎

2) They focus on broad appeal rather than direct response 👎

3) They fail to build trust with their audience prior to making an offer 👎

What makes my Facebook ad service different?

I believe that the most important thing, when it comes to Facebook advertising, is that you take a long-term approach to your campaign. You don’t just go in all-guns-blazing and expect miracles, like most people do.

Instead of selling to the masses, I get specific. I hone in on your very best customers that actually need your help and build layer upon layer of trust through education based selling.

That way, when it comes to pitching your solution, you can be sure that they need your help and are willing to pay for it.

What is a poor Fb strategy costing you?

How many hours are you wasting on social media every month?
How many enquiries do you currently get?
How many of those enquiries have a complete lack of commitment to your solution?

What’s my investment?

I’ve made lead generation with Facebook incredibly simple. Just invest in a strategy session and I will map out a plan for you that shows exactly how to start pulling in hot enquiries…

Frequently asked questions

Still got questions? Here’s the most regular ones people ask about my Facebook Advert Management service right here…

Question: How long does it take to get results with Facebook Ads?

Answer: Facebook ads can get results within a week of running. Some clients even get results the very first day!

Question: How many enquiries will I get?

Answer: This is largely dependent on your offer and your service. What’s important to remember isn’t to just drown yourself in enquiries that don’t convert. We only want hot prospects who are ready to buy.

Question: How long will it take to implement my advice?

Answer: Facebook ad campaigns can be created pretty quickly (within a day). The hard part is putting in the ground work though; taking time to understand exactly who your ideal clients are and the journey that you need to take them on to solve their problem. Then, creating content to flesh out that journey and get them to buy into your process.