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It’s kind of assumed that if you own a business these days, you need a website.

And, for that reason, most do.

They set up a wordpress, a wix, a squarespace or even get a professional to make them up something that looks all fancy!

Thereafter, they can proclaim “I own a website”.

But, there’s a problem. Most visitors leave within a couple of seconds.

Reason being, their time’s precious; they’ve got memes to look at for goodness sake.

And if they don’t instantly get what they’re looking for, they’ll bounce.

So, it drives me mad when business owners have such convoluted, confusing websites that take about 10 minutes to get to the point.

Of course, there is an argument that without content on your website, it won’t rank on Google, but these days their algorithm is tailored to look at websites with high exit rates and punish them.

So that argument doesn’t really stand up anymore.

My point is that spending a fortune on a fancy pants website with thousands of irrelevant words is usually a waste of time and it won’t result in any more sales for your business.

This lack of clarity is what we call friction.

It’s that feeling of unease like something is not quite right.

So, how do we fix it? How do we make our messaging friction-less so that we speak in a way that visitors actually listen?

We get our story straight

We don’t mince our words or talk around the subject.

We tell our visitors right away “here is what we’ll do for you”.

We articulate and expand upon their problem in a way that they understand.

It makes them think “You know what? This guy get’s me”.

And, when your audience believe that you understand their problem better than they do, they’ll seek out your advice in trying to solve it.

Then, when you offer them a solution that makes sense, they’ll be up for taking action.

That’s how you make your website work.

Strip out the nonsense, get clear on your messaging and start solving problems that your customers actually care about.