Personal trainer, Fred Chesne, approached me looking for a way to increase the number of enquiries to his fitness business.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Together, we honed in on the target audience who Fred wanted to target and built a story for this character that would drive the messaging throughout all further communications.

SEO Optimised Website Design

A simple landing-page website was created for Fred that told a clear narrative about what he does, how it impacts clients’ lives and, most importantly, what made him different.

I shot and edited a promotional video with an easy to follow message that also featured testimonials from past clients.

Facebook Ad Management

Lastly, I managed a Facebook advertising for Fred. The video was used as an initial ‘warm-up’ mechanism which was then followed by a number of re-targeting ads that encouraged people to apply.


Fred saw a large upswing in applications for his personal training business in a short space of time which resulted in thousands of pounds in additional sales per year.

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