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Personal trainer, Fred, approached us looking for a way to increase the number of enquiries to his business.

Working with us, he built a memorable brand that aligns with his values and consistently pulls in enough fitness clients to fully book out his schedule.

Story Development


We quickly realised a common theme about Fred’s clientele; they often worked in offices. They had an unhealthy routine and were out of shape.

This prevented them from feeling strong, confident and energetic enough to get the most out of life.


We realised that these people had a few issues that required addressing for them to make progress towards better health:

  • A lack of knowledge about fitness & nutrition properly
  • They had no way of tracking their progress or accountability
  • They had no plan to help them towards their goal

The Mentor They Need

For potential fitness clients to feel comfortable, they need a coach who knows what they are talking about, but doesn’t act like a pushy, military-like person.

They don’t want to be bossed about. They want a friendly person to guide them towards success.

The Solution They Need

For potential fitness clients to feel like they get value for money, they need:

  • A professional gym environment with adequate equipment that’s not overcrowded
  • Time with a professional fitness coach who understands them
  • Regular updates on progress
  • Post-session work to do alone

Perceived Success

Fitness clients feel successful when:

  • They receive positive feedback from friends, family and people they are attracted to about their physique
  • They like the look of themselves in the mirror
  • They feel stronger and more powerful

Perceived Failure:

If people don’t enrol or go to a different coach, they may suffer because:

  • They end up working with someone who doesn’t treat them with respect or doesn’t care about them
  • They never reach their fitness goals and continue to feel dissatisfied with the way they look
  • They continue to have low energy which affects their relationships and their career

Packaging The Story

The Brand Name


The Brand Identity




Reaching The Audience

Communicating The Message

Project Result

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