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Communicate Deeper Than Words

People don’t trust stock images anymore.
I can help you create awesome images with my photography service in Glasgow

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What’s your business struggling with?


Are your customers struggling to find your business?


Is your business in need of more sales opportunities?


Do you need better results from your campaigns?


Does your business need a higher number of leads?


Is finding your service on the internet a struggle?


Are your marketing efforts failing to deliver results?

What an seo campaign will do for you

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Increase awareness

When potential customers Google your service, they’ll see you rather than the competition

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Attract enquiries

With more traffic coming to your website, there will be more conversions to enquiries

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Enhance credibility

Having your website at the top of Google is a sign that you’re a leader in your industry

Client results

Happy Voices

Singing tuition business



+ 15% conversion rate

+ Top ranked for ‘singing lessons Glasgow’

+ Fully booked singing school

“I’m now oversubscribed and had to expand in order to keep up with demand! Highly recommend”

- Hannah Howie

1st Class Upholstery

Furniture Restoration Business



+ 10%+ conversion rate

+ Top ranked for ‘Upholstery Glasgow’

+ Abundance of clients 

Deserved Massage

Massage Therapy Business


+ 10% conversion rate

+ Top ranked for ‘Massage Glasgow’

+ Fully booked massage studio

How I get results

My simple 3-step SEO process has consistently got results

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Keyword research

By getting laser-focused on the keywords of value, you can achieve faster results

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On-Page Optimisation

By tweaking your website to respond to Google’s algorithm, you’ll start seeing movement towards the top

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Adding external trust signals will give you the boost you need to outrank top competitors

What makes my SEO service unique?

Over the years I’ve worked in SEO, it’s become clear to me how seedy the industry is. SEO ‘gurus’ intentionally confuse their clients with tech-jargon that allows them to hike up their prices. On top of that, there’s no guarantees that their service will get any results. You could easily spend £5-10k over the course of a year with an agency and see no ROI. Or, worse still, some SEO practices will actually damage your site, preventing you from ranking!

Personally, I think the SEO industry needs a lot of shaking up. So, instead of putting up a lot of smoke and mirrors, I went full-on transparent. By explaining exactly how SEO works and what to to get results. My clients actually understand the value their getting from me.

What is a low ranking website costing you?

How many potential website visitors are you missing out on?
How many enquiries are lost due to a lack of traffic?
What could the sales value of those enquiries turn into?
How would you invest the money from those sales into your business?

What’s my investment?

I’ve made ranking your website incredibly simple. Just invest in a website audit and I will create a plan for you that shows why your website is currently ranking poorly. Then, I’ll detail the steps you need to take to increase it.

Frequently asked questions

Still got questions? Here’s the most regular ones people ask about my SEO service right here…

Question: How long does it take to get results with SEO?

Answer: There’s a lot of different variables that must be taken into account when it comes to ranking time such as: competitor strength, industry and your domain age. Typically, you’ll see results within 3-6 months of implementing my process. However, I have had people get results within a few days before too.

Question: How many enquiries will I get after I start ranking highly?

Answer: The number of enquiries you get is largely dependent on the volume of searches for the keyword you’re interested in. The higher the search volume, the more you’ll get.

Question: How long will it take to implement my advice?

Answer: All my SEO audits are put together in layman’s terms- meaning that you should be able to understand and implement my advice right away.

Question: Can you do the changes for me?

Answer: Yes, if you would rather dedicate your time to working on your business rather than on SEO, I would be happy to do the work for you.