I was approached by Molly Sheridan from Reek Perfume to help recover from a Facebook penalty which disabled her page, preventing her from reaching any of her thousands of followers with organic or paid traffic.


Digital Strategy

Working closely with Molly, I advised her on how to best comply with Facebook Guidelines so that her page was restored to active use.

From there, we constructed a three-part strategy to build awareness with her audience, consider purchase and encourage purchases.

Facebook Ad Management

Advert Creation

A series of provocative advertisements were created to raise the profile Reek Perfume.

These were then followed up with trust building signals such as press releases and reviews which drove home the brand values.

Finally, adverts with a purchase intent were produced to encourage sales.

Account Management

Throughout the course of the campaign, Molly was kept updated with reports on performance.


This campaign resulted in a 200% increase in sales from the previous year.

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