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I’ve seen this happen dozens of times…

You put together a website, wait a week or two and assume that because you haven’t received any enquiries that your website is broken.

You set about changing it, spending hours on it until you’re finally happy.

Then, a week or two later, you repeat the process.

This cycle happens over and over and OVER again.

It’s a complete waste of time!

Reason being, you haven’t given the updates enough time to test out to see if the changes are making any kind of difference.

Instead of constantly making changes, you need to set a control for your test…

Learn where you’re at right now in terms of enquiries and where you want to be.

Then, identify the areas that may be catching people out and fix those.

If you’re keen on staying on top of how your website visitors interact with you, then grab a free installation of hotjar.

They give you a video of what your visitors are doing on your website which looks pretty scary, but it’s incredibly useful in identifying problems.

Only after you’ve seen plenty of evidence for why something isn’t working on a site should you consider changing it.

Thanks for reading!